Whose the Turkey? Thanksgiving Family Game

Whose the Turkey? Thanksgiving Family Game

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Whose the Turkey? Family Thanksgiving Game!

  1. Print out the circle cards and cut them out. Thick card-stock paper is the best and will be sturdy enough to play year after year.

  2. Use only as many cards as you have players, minus one for the guesser! So if you have 12 players you will only need 11 cards to play—just make sue one of them is the turkey!

  3. Have all players sit in a circle or around a table. One player is designated as it to start the game.

  4. Place all the cards you are playing with face down in the center and mix them up. Everyone, except the Guesser, draws a card.

  5. The player that draws the turkey is considered THE TURKEY.

  6. All players then trade their card with another player, look at the card, and then trade it with a different player. 

  7. At this point the Guesser calls out GOBBLE GOBBLE, and both the players that were TRADED the turkey (not the one who first drew it) must GOBBLE GOBBLE back.

  8. The Guesser now has two chances to guess who THE TURKEY is.

  9. If they get it right they get a piece of candy or small prize and get to go again. If they get it wrong THE TURKEY now gets to become the Guesser. 

  10. Play as many rounds as you want.