Pin the Booger in the Nose Game - PRINTABLE

Pin the Booger in the Nose Game - PRINTABLE

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I created this printable game and include it in my Totally Gross party supplies set.  It’s played just like pin the tail on the donkey, except instead of a picture of a donkey there is an image of big honkin' Nose and instead of tails for pinning there are Slimy looking green boogers.   

Nose prints on 8x11 sheet of paper, boogers will need to be printed and cut out.


1. Hang the image on the wall at eye level with the players.

2.Blindfold the player

3.Spin them around three times.

4. Hand them a paper booger (with sticky tack or tape on the backside)

5. Face them toward The Nose. They must try and stick their booger as close to the nostril as possible without looking. Player who gets their booger the closest wins!