Minecraft Scavenger Hunt
Minecraft Scavenger Hunt

Minecraft Scavenger Hunt

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 This printable scavenger hunt is made to be easy for busy moms to set up and play.  All you need to play besides the printable hunt itself is a stapler, tape, paste, and hiding locations.  You can hide the pieces anywhere! Players look for the elements and try to create recipes from them using there recipe book.  This game is great for indoors and outdoors.  It takes about a hour to play!

What does the hunt include?

  • Step-by-Step set-up guide.
  • 28 full color different ingredients, with multiples of each to complete recipes (These are the minecraft items that go into the treasure chest)
  • Treasure chest printables with how to assemble instructions. Assembly is simple as cut and fold twice, staple the sides and tape shut.
  • Hunt guides for each team that feature 18 recipes.

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