Dora the Explorer Picture Treasure Hunt

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This printable picture treasure hunt is perfect for your Dora birthday party. Instead of written words for clues and riddles it uses pictures. This makes this party game fun and easy for non readers to play. Each clue features regular household objects which means you don’t have to purchase any extra props for this game. They also come printed on Dora and Boots friend Map!

One picture leads to another treasure hunt picture clue until finally they hunt down the picture clue with an X on it. This means they found the treasure and won the game. Of course everyone’s a winner because this game is made to play and hunt all together! You can choose to hide the ‘”treasure” with the X, or simple have them bring you the X picture clue to trade in for the treasure.

Treasure hunt comes in a printable PDF file that includes instructions, 10 picture clues, and 1 final Map clue with an X on it.

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