Christmas Song Scramble Game

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Players square off against each other to use all the game cards( which each feature a different picture or word)  to create a popular Christmas songs. This games includes 133 pictures and images that can create a total of 30 popular Christmas songs. 

This game is great for Christmas Parties, Office Parties, classrooms and more.  There are three ways to play so you can choose which one best suits you. Age rage is geared more toward adults and teens, but can be easily modified to make it easier for kids.  


You can play this game in one of four ways.

1. Divide players into two teams.  Provide each team with a set of picture scramble cards.  Put 20 minutes on the clock.  The team that has the most songs created at the end of those 20 minutes wins.

2. Have individual face off against each other.  Again, print two sets of the Christmas song picture scramble cards.  Divide sets into five song challenges.  Two players face off against each other to complete the same five songs first.  The winner faces off against the next player with a new set of five songs.  Since there are 30 songs you can play 6 rounds this way. 

3. Relay race style. Divide players into two equal teams.  Place all the cards in a pile on a table in the front of the playing area. One member from each team races up to the table and must put tape or pin the cards to a board or wall to create a song.  Once they have done so correctly, they rush back to their team and pass the gauntlet to another team member who hasn't gone yet.  The gauntlet can be anything from an ornament to just tagging the other player.   The first team to have each member complete a song wins.  Since there are only 30 songs, this game is best for 30 players or less.

4. Divide players into even teams. Spread all the Christmas Song picture match cards out on a table in front of the playing area. Place the name of all 30 songs on slips of paper in a hat. One player goes up and draws a song from the hat.  They have 2 minutes to create the song using the cards provided.  They can not talk or use any other clues. The team that calls out the correct answer first wins the point and the next play. When a players turn is complete they add the cards they used back to the pile.  Continue until all 30 songs have been used then the team who collected the most points wins.