Blue's Clues Picture Treasure Hunt

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This special birthday treasure hunt is perfect for young non-readers because they are created with pictures. It comes with six paw prints each with a different handy dandy notebook drawing on it. Once all six clues are found the children can look at all the pictures to try and figure out what Blue wants to do next. The answer is eat cake and ice cream!!

This Birthday game can be played in two different ways. You can hide them in specific spots and tell the kids where to look. Such as “the next clue can be found where you eat dinner.” This would lead the children to the dinner table where they could find the clue taped to the underside of the table.

The second way you can play this game is to hide all the clues through the party area and whenever a child spots one during the party they yell out “a clue! A clue!” just like on the show. Once all six clues are discovered the children will figure out blues clues by deciding what all the pictures have in common

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