Black History Scavenger Hunt Game

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My Black History scavenger hunt  makes an excellent classroom activity because it is not just mega fun, it is also educational!  Most scavenger hunt offers a list of different objects for the player to find or locate. In this printable scavenger hunt each child / team is assigned a different Black American figure (30 in all) and they must find the four  fact cards that go with that person - cards are color coordinated.   

On the back of each fact card they will find a piece of a puzzle.  When they put all four pieces together it will form a letter -when all the players puts their letters together it will form a word. The word will tell them where to find the hidden treasure. You decide what that word will be so you are able to play this game anywhere!

Ages 10 and up
Duration: about 30 minutes

This game comes in a ready-to-print PDF file.  

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