Amazing Race Clues & Challenge Cards - EDITABLE

$ 9.99

Our Amazing Race party set includes some amazing clues & challenge cards to include editable pit stop cards, detour cards, road block cards, and now route info cards.  We also include the editable Amazing Race envelope to put them all in.  If you don't need the entire Amazing Race party set you can purchase our challenge cards alone.  These files come in editable PDF's that make it easy for you to edit with your own party details. Our Amazing Race challenges include:

  • Road Block Cards 
  • Pit Stop Cards
  • Detour Cards
  • Route Info Cards
  • Challenge Detail Cards
  • Signs
  • Envelopes

IMPORTANT NOTE:You must choose a title letter count to insure your title (ex: David's Amazing Race or Greenwood Elementary's Amazing Race) will fit properly. When Choosing 'TITLE LETTER COUNT' on order from you must first determine what the title of your event is going to be and then count how many letters are used not including the words "Amazing Race".  For more details go here.

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