What's Missing - Dinosaur Party Game!

What's Missing - Dinosaur Party Game!

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What's Missing is a printable party game where players take turns using the What's Missing Cover-Up Card to hide one one the Dinosaur images on the Print & Play Game Board.

Spread out around the board are the Dinosaur Cards - one for each image on the board. When players find the card with the image they believe is hidden beneath the What's Missing card they slap their hand on it and call out their best ROAR! That player gets to be the next player to pick the hidden image. 


SCAVENGER HUNT VERSION: Instead of placing the icon cards around the game board have them spread out throughout the playing area by taping them to the walls, floors, tables etc. Players race to be the first to locate the image that is missing.

MATCH (MEMORY) GAME VERSION: Forget the board—print out two sets of the icon cards. Turn them all facing down on the table and take turns turning over two cards trying to make a match.

The game board prints out on four separate sheets of standard 8x11 paper. You connect the four sheets to create a 16x22 party game board.

The printable party game includes:

  • 36 Dinosaur Image Cards
  • Game Board
  • What's Missing Cover-Up Card
  • How to Play Instructions