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Sandee M.
United States

Saved The Day!

My little one threw me a curve ball when at the last minute he excitedly announced he couldn't wait for his escape game like his older sibling had. It was 2 days before his celebration day. Creating an escape room usually takes me 2 months. Thankfully, I happened upon Queen of Theme. I was impressed that I not only found an escape to match his theme, but one within his young age group. The instructions and set up were easy enough to follow. I appreciated that all I had to do was print, cut and place in baggies or envelopes. It does take some time to set up but that's nothing compared to all the time saved from creating it all from scratch. I'm already back to purchase another fun escape for the little ones to enjoy during the upcoming holiday. Knowing the amount of time and effort that goes into creating these from scratch, this price point is definitely worth it and the games clever and varied enough to keep things interesting. As much as the kids enjoy them, I'm definitely purchasing these for ALL of the celebrations. It's such a weight off, thank you!

Kristina G.
United States United States

Treasure hunt printable

Great products and instructions! It worked out just perfectly for the party I was planning! Thank you!

Julie D.
United States United States


Awesome! I played this in a summer camp with children ages 9-15. They all took part and enjoyed the experience.

Courtney C.
Canada Canada

Pirate treasure hunt

Just printed it all off and I’m very excited to organize it all. Thank you for doing all the leg work and making it so easy for me! I will definitely buy these again!

Monika M.
Slovakia Slovakia


Great, liked it a lot

Sarah M.
United States

Pirate Treasure Hunt

I did this with a group of 10 year old girls at a birthday party. The girls really enjoyed solving the clues and it was the right level of difficulty to keep it fun. It’s great that you can customize whatever locations. I read a review that “crew” isn’t in the word search. It hadn’t been fixed so I just crossed it out.

Jenniffer J.
United States

Class Pirate celebration

My class really enjoyed this. Although we ran out of time. I think my groups were too big. Needed to be in groups of 5 not as big as 10.

Mills, D.
United Kingdom

Pirate Treasure Hunt

Children thoroughly enjoyed doing it. Liked the variety of clues / puzzles. Was one small error that was easily fixed and someone had previously mentioned it - can't quite remember now think it was to do with answer 9

Catherine H.

Pirate treasure hunt

I already sent you an email, but just to repeat here.... My 8 year old daughter's birthday party went very well. The treasure hunt was at just the right level. A couple of minor errors with your printouts that you will want to fix (although it didn't spoil our enjoyment as we spotted them): - on the instructions you talk about how to do it with more than one team and say you should use the same numbers, but then you list different numbers - on the word search clue, one of the words listed is 'crew'. It isn't in the puzzle so you need to remove it from the list. Hope that helps, and best of luck with your business!

A Queen of Theme Party Games Customer
United States

Pirate Scavenger Hunt

So much fun! I actually am using it this week with my family at the beach. Our grown kids compete for the Treasure at the end! They are between the ages of 27 and 29 and it is cutthroat competition! The puzzles are fun and make them have to stop and focus to solve but of course very do-able since it's geared toward elementary age! Only one typo that had me confused when setting it up but I easily figured out the mistake. On the answer key clues, 2 cards have a "5" in the bottom right corner - one should be a "9". They are correct on the clues you hide. Great instructions on how to set up and tons of fun!

Pirate Treasure Hunt
Pirate Treasure Hunt

Pirate Treasure Hunt

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Yo Ho Ho , Me Hearties! The pirate party treasure hunt is the ideal game for a pirate party. The little pirates with have a blast following one pirate treasure hunt clue to the next until they reach the final treasure!
Each of the ten clues is packed full of fun pirate activities. Each clue involves a fun graphics and a different kind of puzzle, game, or activity that the players must solve to get to the next clue. This kid’s pirate treasure hunt game is ideal for in home birthday parties. Best of all YOU get to determine the clue hiding locations so you can play ANYWHERE!

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