Nativity Treasure Hunt - Editable!
Nativity Treasure Hunt - Editable!

Nativity Treasure Hunt - Editable!

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I got inspired to create this nativity Christmas treasure hunt when I realized there wasn’t anything like it out there. I wanted to create something that would be fun and challenging to play, but also actually incorporated the nativity story and focused on learning or remembering the facts.
I divided the nativity story into 10 parts. I created a clue out of each of the different parts. Each clue tells part of the story, but leaves out key words and facts that the players must fill in. Once the players fill in the correct answers they will see that some of the letters are circled. These letters must be unscrambled to form a word. The unscrambled word is the answer, and under the correct answer players will find the location as to where to find their next clue.  

One of the great things about this hunt is that you can play it ANYWHERE because you decide the hiding locations.  This game comes in an editable PDF.  Open the PDF, type in your chosen hiding location where instructed and a few false locations for the wrong answers and you are ready to print and play!

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