Indoor Princess Treasure Hunt
Indoor Princess Treasure Hunt
Indoor Princess Treasure Hunt

Indoor Princess Treasure Hunt

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Our Princess treasure hunt game is perfect for those of you looking for a princess party game to play at your child’s upcoming birthday party. The guests with have a ball figuring out the princess treasure hunt riddles and clues and following where they lead. The last clue will lead to the treasure.
The great part about this princess party game is that each clue is in the form of a rhyming riddle that asks questions about one of the Disney princesses. Once the guests figure out the answer to the riddle, they will know where to find the next clue.

The novelty of this is that although all the riddles involve princess trivia, the answer to each one is a regular household object that can be found within the house. That means once you print out the game you will not need any special props. All of the hiding locations are within the house. The hiding locations needed for this printable game are: mattress – window – fork –rug – pot – pillow – candle – apple –comb – and mirror

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