Girl Detective Treasure Hunt
Girl Detective Treasure Hunt

Girl Detective Treasure Hunt

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I created this printable Super Spy Girl treasure hunt after having a request for a 'girlier' version of my original secret agent treasure hunt. This treasure hunt is also packed full of a variety of different clues and puzzles for the guests to solve.

This hunt comes with:

2 sets of 10 different spy / secret agent clues plus winners card (original and easy version) These clues are all different. No two clues are solved the same way. Some of the clues require players to use Morse code, some the cipher wheel, invisible ink, decoder disk, logic skills, riddles, fingerprint analysis, and more!  NOTE: Each clue measure 5x7 and two clues print out per page.

Decoder Disks: This is a cool wheel circle three holes in it that when you spin it around the given clue the needed letters will appear through the holes. See COMPLETE DETAILS for image and detailed description.

Morse Decoders: Some of the clues use Morse code. We include a Morse Decoder with this hunt. This decoder along with the others can double as party favors so that after the hunt party guests can create their own top secret messages.

Cipher Wheels: Our cipher wheel is always a huge hit. It is two circles that sit on top of each other. When placed in the correct position you can code and decode secret message. See COMPLETE DETAILS for image and detailed description.

Clue Locator Key: Our Clue Locator Key comes in a editable PDF file. This enable you to type in whatever locations you want to use in your hunt. You can also print it off and write in the clue locations if you prefer. This is one of the things that make our hunts so unique and enable you to hide your clues in your chosen locations. See COMPLETE DETAILS for how it works and how it makes this hunt AWESOME!

Easy step-by-step Set-Up Instructions: In this simple to follow guide we walk you through step by step how the hunt works and how easy it is set it up.

Answer keys for both clue sets: This is in case players get stumped. A complete answer guide for all clues.

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