Jr. Pirate Picture Scavenger Hunt
Jr. Pirate Picture Scavenger Hunt
Jr. Pirate Picture Scavenger Hunt

Jr. Pirate Picture Scavenger Hunt

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This printable pirate party scavenger hunt is perfect for pre-readers.  Simply print out the clues, hide the pieces and let the hunt commence.  This pirate scavenger hunt challenges kids without being competitive. 

This hunt comes with six pirate cards.  Each pirate features a different color.  Depending on how many guest you have at your party you can decide if guests can play individually or in teams. 

  • Each  player / team receives a colored pirate card.  All the other pieces have been hidden through the party area.
  • The puzzle featuring the key has been cut into six different pieces and is held by the host.  One piece is given to each team that finds all six of their coordinating pirate cards. 
  • On the start of go all players / teams start searching for their pieces.  They can only pick up pieces that match their color, and must leave the rest.  Once a team finds all their pieces they can trade it in for a piece of the final puzzle.  They can then go help the other players find their remaining pieces if they want. 
  • Once all the teams have each found all their pieces and traded them for a piece of the puzzle they must work together to put the puzzle together.  The puzzle forms a key.  This completed puzzle must be presented to the host to receive the grand prize.... TREASURE!!

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