Hunger Games Scavenger Hunt
Hunger Games Scavenger Hunt
Hunger Games Scavenger Hunt
Hunger Games Scavenger Hunt

Hunger Games Scavenger Hunt

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This game is the perfect main event for your party. This printable scavenger hunt comes with everything you need to host your very own Hunger Games. Each tribute team enters the arena. The arena is whatever you choose for a playing field. I think the woods set up the best atmosphere, but anywhere will work. Teams must search for the hidden survival cards. The survival card includes food, water, gear, med kits, shelters, and weapons. Each card has a different point value.

The game also includes capitol cards. If a team finds a capitol card they have the ability to give any other team a strike. If a team receives two strikes they are out of the arena. The last card is the Mockingbird card and it can save you from getting a strike. The game ends with a feast where players can either increase their points or loss them.

This Hunger Games Scavenger Hunt includes:

  • Complete Set up and Play instructions
  • 100+ survivor cards
  • Capitol cards
  • Mockingjay Cards
  • Feast Game
  • Gamemaker Score card
  • Players Rule Sheet 

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