Greek Mythology Trivia Hunt - Printable Party Game!
Greek Mythology Trivia Hunt - Printable Party Game!

Greek Mythology Trivia Hunt - Printable Party Game!

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Our exclusive Greek Mythology trivia treasure hunt is the perfect party game to test you and your guest knowledge of the Gods and Goddesses and their many saga's.....It is also a hit in classrooms studying the great myths. Teachers rave about how into the students got - and parents are psyched how perfect it was for their child's Greek Mythology theme party or Percy Jackson Birthday.

This printable treasure hunt includes a variety of clues made up of trivia, puzzles, and games. Every clue is filled with a variety of trivia and each challenging clue leads to the next until all 8 are solved and players find the "treasure". The treasure can be whatever you want it to be, or just bragging rights.

This game can be played cooperatively (all in one group) or players can race against each other in a competitive version. Once a player/team solves one clue it will provide the clue to where to find the next. 

Your Greek Mythology Trivia Treasure Hunt includes:

  • 8 printable Friends themed clues
  • Answer sheet for each clue
  • editable clue locator sheets
  • printable Zeus Token sheets
  • complete set-up and host instructions
Players ages 11+
Game Play 30-45 minutes