Murder/Mystery Games

Our printable murder and mystery party games aren't like anything you are going to find anywhere else  - we have a different take.  Some of our games are Murder Mysteries, but they do not involve a script or complicated set-up.  Our most popular one Clued-In Murder Mystery (along with our Christmas mysteries Ugly Sweater Murder Mystery and Clued-In Murder Mystery Christmas version) can be played repeatedly because the outcome is different each time you play.  

Not all our mystery games involve murder, some involve solving puzzles to solve the crime such as in our Kid's Detective Mystery Party Game or Ciphers, Puzzles, & Codes. Some involve reading the other players to try and guess the guilty ones such as in Whose the Double Agent,  Truth and Lies, or Whose the Mind Flayer.  Many involve mingling through the party space and interacting with other players, but some can be played sitting around the table such as Killer Among Us.  

There is something for all ages, groups, and sizes.  I am always looking for new ideas so if you have a request let us know!