Safari Animal Riddles CodeBuster Game!
Safari Animal Riddles CodeBuster Game!

Safari Animal Riddles CodeBuster Game!

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In this game players race to solve the riddles, find the hidden Animal in the Wild Picture Card, discover each answers code letter, and put all the letters together to discover where the secret treasure is OR discover the secret password to get out of the Escape Room.

This printable game can be set-up and played as either an Escape Room or a Treasure Hunt.

This game is great for players age 6 and up. Depending on which version of the game you choose to play game time can last 20-60 minutes.

The only additional item you must have to play this game is a single hole punch that you can find at your local dollar store.

This hunt features 12 riddles that each lead to a different animal in the wild. The riddles are editable so you have the option to change them if you want to something easier or more difficult depending on your crowd - this also allows you to come up with different clues so the game can be played over and over.

Each of the riddles match up with a CodeBuster card that features a picture of the Animal in the Wild that answers that riddle. When players place the correct CodeBuster card over the Riddle card then a code letter will be revealed through the key hole. When players collect all 12 code letters they unscramble them to create the winning code word. If you are playing it as a treasure hunt the code word can be a location where the treasure is hidden. If you are playing it as an Escape Room the code word can be what you need to escape the room.

TIME: 30-45 minutes to play.
Age Range: 6+

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