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Connie C.
United States

Christmas gift exchange golf game

Great, quick and easy! Looking forward to using it this Christmas!

Ron P.
United States United States


Game was fun and well thought out

Kathy S.
United States United States

Fun game and easy purchase process

The family really enjoyed the game.

Patty B.
United States United States

Christmas Gift Exchange Dice Game

We had a great time with this! Only suggestion would be to change the "freeze" for a larger crowd.

Kristie M.
United States United States

Fun Family Game

Couldn't be easier. Can right away through email.

Cecilie R.
United States United States

Christmas gift exchange dice game

It was really fun but the game dragged on and on because of frozen gifts. It is almost impossible to ever land on the square that unfreezes your gift. So my sister and I remade the game board and took off all the freeze your gift squares and unfreeze your gift. We replace them with other funny items such as trade with someone with brown eyes. Trade with a girl. Trade with a boy. Upset the fruit basket… Which would require everybody playing the game to jump out of their seats and trade gifts with another person in the room. This helps to get the gifts really well mixed up . When we played the game as written there were five of us out of 11 that were frozen and just could not get unfrozen and get back in the game. It made it really long.

Shelley N.
United States United States

Fantastic Ideas!

These were great options with a little different spin on a favorite tradition!

Donna A.
United States United States

Christmas Gift Exchange Dice Game

I plan on using this at our family Christmas gathering (~15 adults). It will replace another game we traditionally play. Instead of everyone bringing gifts, I will supply all of them (my gift to the family). Some will have lottery tickets, some will have various amounts of $ ($10, $20, $50). But the grand prize will be $200. I think this will be hysterical as the gifts get revealed. Due to the size of the family, I wish I could enlarge this, but we will make do. Also, as I’m looking over the rules, I feel like a few need to be clarified ahead of time. For instance, “unfreeze and steal any gift”…what to do if no gifts happen to be frozen? And can you steal any gift or only the gift you unfreeze? I also am not fond of the “trade with next one who speaks”. I liked it at first thought, but I can see instances where this could come into dispute. So I may change that up a bit. But, overall, I love this idea and I’m pretty sure it will be a hit.

Kathleen P.
United States United States

Great game for small groups

I used this game for a Christmas Party with 8 girlfriends. It was really fun. I also used it for an office gift exchange with 6 people and we had a great time. I will be using this one again!!!

Kathy N.
United States United States

Gift Exchange Fun

It was another way to have our gift exchange. We had played this game previously using just one dice and it went very fast because there were only 10 people playing. So, I wanted something a little different. It definitely took longer, but it was almost too long. We did like the different squares on the board: friendly wager and freezing and unfreezing of gifts. Everyone was laughing so I would assume that they enjoyed the game, even though it took almost an hour with 10 people playing.

Christmas Gift Exchange Dice Game

Christmas Gift Exchange Dice Game

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